Parkside Balconies

Having your own personal outside space is important to everyone, now more than ever. With select Parkside West properties you not only have Millennium Green on your doorstep but your own private space overlooking the green in the form of a balcony or terrace.

Our Parkside balconies are the perfect, rare accompaniment to these stylish apartments giving you a place to unwind and breathe. Reinvigorating you for the day ahead or helping you relax as you watch the sun set.

With so much going on in Millennium Green, balconies offer a variety of outlooks from trees and wild meadow flowers to winding paths up and down the central mound. Whatever your outlook, a balcony truly makes your home the epitome of Parkside living.


Canary Wharf & City Views

A stylish home with a view, it's what everybody wants and our Parkside West apartments deliver just that.

Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens at Parkside West offer flexible space to enjoy all year around.

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